11th Silvian 1632

The group head’s south to Sweeney’s Knoll, while Kalarnaleigh heads north. Rangrim finds out more about his mother, Varikass loses a companion, Calamity becomes a hero and gets a reprieve, and Neristhanna finds herself in more trouble than ever.

No new characters introduced.

XP Awarded: 1950XP + 50 Bonus XP
Total XP: 14,000XP (Level 6!)

9th Silvian 1632

The group continues to explore Kalarnaleigh’s Lair, finding hidden secrets and finally seeing Kalarnaleigh for who she really is. Rangrim finds an unexpected family connection, Neristhanna discovers a sinister plot against her, Varikass gets an elephant.

First Appearance Of:
Mr. Peanut

XP Awarded: 1250XP
Total XP: 11,950XP