9th Fools 1632

Varikass settles a debt, Neristhanna has an unsettling revelation, Calamity shares a secret, Kyle thinks he’s people.

First Appearance Of:
Black Bertie, The Naturalist
Erky “Pops” Leagallow, Lidda’s Father
Mayor Perrin Underbough, Halfling
Amblecrown, Chef
Salazar “Enlightenment”, Tiefling Initiate of Colth

8th Fools, 1632

Witter’s scheme doesn’t go according to plan. Neristhanna gets a surprise visit. Calamity loses a contest, and an evening. Rangrim vanishes and Varikass leads a search party.

First Appearance Of:
Bitey’s True Form
Tim, Ale Drinking Champion

Second Appearance Of:
That Guy Who Dropped His Ale and Vowed to Live a Better Life