19th Fools, 1632

The group tracks down the coven of Hags so that Rangrim can exact some Eye-for-an-Eye justice. Varikass, Calamity, and Neristhanna discover some consequences for their previous actions. Calamity proves that she is metal as fuck. Rangrim swings a hammer. Lady Darzi drops in for a visit.

First Appearance of:
Bart Swiftfoot’s Body


15th Fools, 1632

Rangrim discovers that happiness is a lie. The group reunites, and Varikass discovers there are consequences to some of his recent actions. The DM forgot how to do Captain Timbers accent. Calamity’s curiosity gets the better of her. Neristhanna welcomes a new addition to the ever-growing roster of animal companions. Rangrim has an unexpected family reunion.

First Appearance of:
Gwyillion, the Hag
The White-Haired Hag
Navarra, Human Paladin of Sylvian
Haseid, Human Paladin of Virtus
Yuldra, Dwarven Cleric of Ürwen
Bart Leagallow, Lumberjack