Covering Days 352-354 of the 699th Year of Exile

The council summoned these four citizens with a quest, to recover a pair of Flail Snails, creatures whose natural secretions were a critical component for glassmaking in the Undernation. They accepted the quest, unaware at the time of how it would change the direction of their lives…

First appearance of:

  • Urun Bittershaper, Leader of the Dark Road Brigands Camp
  • Ginarth, Cleric of Calamity
  • A Duergar Brigand, whom the group showed mercy towards
  • Rupert, Shivani’s Unseen Servant

Covering Days 350–352 of the 699th Year of Exile

This story begins near the start of our 700th year underground. That’s when four citizens of the Undernation, blissfully unaware of their role in the days to come and of wildly different backgrounds, came together for the first time…

First appearance of:

  • Emanni ar Srinan, Zaeimond of the Gate
  • Shivani Chamaktaara
  • Yinfir Bez Korney
  • Kauvuna Vokouri of the Voanat Tribe
  • Vitality, Sleazebag Tiefling
  • Bansari Chamaktaara, Mother of Shivani
  • Warder, Councilperson from Zemërguri Farkëtar (The Honeycomb)
  • Annan, Councilperson from Crystallum
  • Riffin, Councilperson from Par Tivian
  • Ziri, Councilperson from Par Varvalon
  • Fertility, Councilperson from Par Felandon
  • Aghaz, Owner of the Pilgrim and Mug
  • Pip, Owner of the Troll and Toadstool