Season 2, Ep 19: “Death’s Shadow”

Covering Days 59–69 of the 700th Year of Exile

Before the group could take off from Farpool and start their adventures, they needed a few days for Shivani’s new arm to be finished. True to themselves, they spent their time in their own ways

First appearance of:

  • Ariel Lunadream, Half-Elf Minister of Health
  • Death’s Shadow, The Dreadwizard, Scourge of the Sea


  1. Man what an adventure. I started listening to this podcast randomly about 9 months ago during my commute to work and I’ve finally caught up. This is a tragedy since now I have to wait for the next episode like a scrub. Though my current dilemma is that Episode 19 is not working. So if you could fix that and then upload the next 4 years of content really soon that would be great 😀

    Seriously though I just want you guys to know you are amazing and awesome!! Also I feel like the Empress and her right hand man should be badger and kalarnali in disguise!!! Imagine the look on everyone’s face!

    1. Whoops, I’ve fixed the link. I had no idea anyone outside of our group listened to this! Out of curiosity, how did you find out about the podcast?

      Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m pretty sure if the Empress ended up being Kalarnaleigh, my players would straight up murder me

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