Nerikesh (aka Liza)

First Appearance: Episode 1

Nerikesh is an Adult Green Dragon that lived near the northern tip of Lawrenwood. She had established her lair in a cave near an old Telvian Temple. A group of Kobolds lived in the temple and worshipped her as a god.

In 1612, she was attacked by The Azure Scales. She was able to rebuff their attack, killing Trianna Ironheart and causing serious physical and mental harm to the group, ultimately leading to the adventuring group’s disbandment.

Nerikesh enjoyed a period of relative peace after that, spending her time feeding off the countryside, or stirring up trouble in various towns using her human form. In 1627 she spawned a wyrmling, starting the perilous sixty year process of raising a new dragon to adulthood.

In 1632, the group was sent on a quest by Valthrun the Prescient to slay her wyrmling. The group fulfilled the mission unaware, until it was too late, that dragons raise their spawn until adulthood and that Nerikesh was nearby. Afterwards, Nerikesh swore vengeance on those that took her wyrmling’s life.

Nerikesh was able to track the group to New Haven, where she appeared to them as Liza, a human traveler. She was able to uncover the group’s plan to banish her. On the night of the ritual (13th Planting 1632), she killed Chucchus, believing that doing so would prevent the ritual from happening. Unfortunately for her, Chaluck, a kobold who had previously worshipped her, had taken Chucchus’s place, sacrificing his life to banish her to the realm of Morad.