First Appearance: Episode 1

Chaluck was one of nine kobolds born into a clutch in 1624, and one of three to survive past the first year. He spent his early years learning lore about god Nerikesh, singing songs and worshipping her. Then came the tentacle monster. The tentacle monster ate all of his siblings in one fell swoop. Where once had been singing and dancing family, now lay a ring of corpses. He gave into despair and was prepared to make one final push for revenge, when everything went black. That was when he met his real god, Neristhanna. She protected him from the tentacle monster and struck down the spawn of his old god. She adopted him and took her away from the cave where he’d spent his whole life.

They left the familiar forest and crossed the cinder sea, full of glowing red embers,  before arriving in the ceilingless cave that Neristhanna called home. Once there, she put him in a nice, clean new room. One with strong walls and lots of friendly people to interact with. One visitor in particular came in and stared at him with her piercing green eyes.

After she left, things began to make a lot more sense than they did before. The crude, common tongues of the humans came easily enough to him. He began to intuit the mathematical patterns behind the simple card games his troll acquaintance was fond of. His god, whom he began to harbor strong doubts about the omnipotence of, removed him from the cell and took her back to the tavern with him. She seemed frequently exasperated and unsure what to do in his presence. He thought about striking out on his own, but felt a strong connection to Neristhanna. She was a good person, and he owed her his life. He realized that such a debt was nigh impossible to repay, so he decided to spend the rest of his life in her service.

He discovered that he had a knack for songs and poetry, the words coming quicker to his head than his poor hands could put to script. He filled a journal with odes to his muse: his fiery protector. He would tell of her bravery and character to anyone who would listen; which, it turned out, where quite numerous. He had developed quite a following in the meager tavern that he now called his home.

However, all good things were not meant to carry on in perpetuity, and he soon realized his end was upon him. His current god was going to banish his old god, and he knew she needed his help. He had snuck down to the Temple of the Eight to meet with Chucchus. As he entered through the back door, he saw that Chucchus was not alone, and that the same green-eyed stranger who had enchanted him several days prior was currently holding him by the neck. He watched with horror as the woman effortlessly tore the goblin’s head from it’s body, stuffing the head into a magical sack on her hip. After she left, he realized that he would have to assume Chucchus’s role in order for the banishment ritual to take effect. He quickly stripped the body of it’s garments and grabbed the ritual dagger; he headed for the door, stopping briefly to grab the cleric’s veil from the floor.

He had just finished affixing his veil when he felt a tap on his shoulder, Rangrim stood next to him. “She’s here.”

Chaluck sighed internally as he pulled out the dagger and handed it to Rangrim. Rangrim nodded and headed towards the temple, Chaluck followed to his fate.