Melrock (aka Mr. Nutbiter)


First Appearance: Episode 1

IMG_4160 - Copy (2)Melrock was at one point a powerful Lich, who wreaked havoc on the Cathellian countryside. His mortal form was killed by Valthrun the Prescient, who failed to destroy his phylactery.  His phylactery was subsequently ingested by a Gelatinous Cube, transferring Valthrun’s consciousness to the ooze. His time spent in the alien physiology of the ooze drove him even more insane. Eventually his Gelatinous Cube body was destroyed by Varikass and Romnod, Varikass’s companion at the time. Varikass unwittingly picked up Melrock’s phylactery, which came into contact with Varikass’s pet squirrel Mr. Nutbiter. The phylactery absorbed itself into the squirrel. As a result, Melrock’s consciousness was transferred into Mr. Nutbiter. He has taken up residence in Varikass’s skull, and often pops out to share his unique insight with the group.

In “Swamp Trip,” the group got to see Melrock’s true form, during a shared hallucinatory flashback: a tall, gaunt undead form, bristling with dark magical energy and shooting lightning bolts with indiscretion.