Valthrun the Prescient


First Appearance: Episode 1

Valthrun the Prescient is a, somewhat deranged, wizard that lives near New Haven. He is known for his manic personality and disdain for physical activity. He never stands, preferring instead to hover cross-legged in mid-air. Instead of walking, he prefers to teleport, often in mid-sentence or thought. Despite his seeming lack of logical thinking skills, he is a shrewd negotiator and often uses his wealth to send adventurers to do his dirty work. He has a penchant for erotic artifacts and herbs, much to the groups continued disgust.

Little is known about his earlier life or his personal life, aside from the fact that he killed Melrock. He has some sort of relationship with Baba Gorkiya. He lives in a ruined tower in the swamp south-east of New Haven, which partially explains his foul smell.