Margrea (aka Calamity)

First appearance: Episode 1

IMG_4154Margrea or, as she prefers to be known, Calamity, is a Tiefling Warlock. She generally maintains a laid back, aloof persona, though hints of an underlying darkness occasionally bubble through.  As a Warlock, she has made a pact with Xelyoth, a mysterious and alien god from deep in outer space. Her pact powers are focused through a mysterious orb she took from her parents, after their death.


Much of Calamity’s past is a mystery to the other members of the group, as she remains guarded on the subject and rarely divulges information on the topic willingly. In Episode 7, during a vision induced by Baba Gorkiya, it was revealed that her parents were murdered when she was a child by Virtus Inquisitor Heironyous Stahn, who was questioning them about the location of the orb. Orphaned, Calamity spent some time in Carthel and Virtuscar before ending up in New Haven.

Xelyoth eye-300x252

Calamity focuses much of power through an orb she took from her parents’ house after their death. She didn’t realize at the time that it was in any way special, but has quickly realized that it is far more than it seems. A visit from a fellow Tiefling cultist in Episode 3 unlocked some dark knowledge deep within the recesses of her mind, allowing her to see a large squid like creature made of stars inside the orb. The cultist advised her to feed the orb. The next day, while fighting goblins, a dark tentacle shot out of the orb, enveloping the goblins and siphoning their bodies into orb itself. Since then the orb has fed on numerous creatures, including High Inquisitor Stahn.

During the visions in Episode 7, the entire group was transported into the void and got to witness the star creature that Calmity saw in her orb; it’s large eye rotated in view and appeared to focus on the group before their vision ended.

The powers of the orb appear to grow in power along with Calamity’s, in Episode 11, Calamity used the orb to project the void onto reality, causing Mercer the Druid considerable sanity damage before he was killed by the group and sucked into the orb.

Animal Companions

Calamity has two animal companions: Kyle, a half-dragon cat and Pûka, a horse.