First Appearance: Episode 1
Born: 20th Silvian

12364137_733585213199_620608831_oNeristhanna is a half-elf Sorcerer, who gets her power from the red dragon blood that is also within her. Her red dragon heritage is slowly having an effect on her, increasingly turning patches of her skin into hard red scales. While she is a good person, she is quick to anger; often focusing her anger on correcting a perceived injustice. She abhors oppression and will fight any system, no matter how entrenched, in order ensure freedom.


Neristhanna was raised by her mother Alura, a human seamstress, on the outskirts of Craleson. She grew up having no idea who her elven father was. In her early teenage years, her powers manifested violently and out of her control accidentally setting her house on fire; which burned down, killing her mother. The only keepsake she was able to keep was a thimble that had been miraculously untouched by the fire, and a pendant that she uses as an arcane focus.

After her mother died, she went to live with ____, a dwarven city guard who lived in Craleson proper. He helped Neristhanna learn to control her powers, but was less successful at teaching her to use a quarterstaff. Nevertheless, she carries a quarterstaff given to her by him to this day. After she came of legal age, she left Craleson, heading east and never staying in one place for too long; eventually ending up in New Haven.

IMG_4163Draconic Heritage

As it developed, Neristhanna quickly figured out that her draconic heritage came from her father’s side. However, aside from that, all she knew about it was that it gave her exceptional powers and a short temper. While she has the ability to summon any of the elements , her first ability developed and the one she turns to most often, is the ability to summon fire, the natural element of red dragons.

In Episode 7, during a vision induced by Baba Gorkiya, she finally discovered the root of her dragon heritage. Her father, who she discovered is named Laucian, made a pact with Malfeaxx, an Elder Red Dragon.  As part of the pact, Laucian drank a drop of Malfeaxx’s blood, causing him to painfully transform into a hybrid creature, both elf and dragon. Many of the details of the encounter remain a mystery, including where and when the ritual took place and, more importantly, whether or not Laucian and Malfeaxx are still alive.

During her quest to kill Nerikesh‘s offpsring, the group subdued Chaluck—a kobold who had, up until that point, been worshipping Nerikesh as a god. Intuitively sensing the powerful dragon blood inside of Neristhanna, he imprinted on her, thereafter worshipping Neristhanna as a god. After the dragon’s cave, he followed Neristhanna around, taking orders and writing odes to her power. Neristhanna was very uncomfortable by all of this, but he began to grow on her. Unfortunately, after she finally accepted him as her ward, he sacrificed himself in order to ensure that Nerikesh would be banished from existence.

Animal Companion

Neristhanna has one animal companion: Mirabelle, a horse.