Willem Swiftfoot (aka Rangrim Forest)

First Appearance: Episode 1

12033799_10207647800011335_377675298_nWillem Swiftfoot is a Halfing Rogue, who increasingly dabbles with arcane rituals. He was named Rangrim Forest by his adoptive family, which was the only name he knew until he met his aunt. Rangrim is naturally inquisitive, a trait that has gotten him into trouble more times than he’d care to admit. Generally a jocular fellow, Rangrim is competitive and enjoys a challenge. However, the one thing that will consistently override his other emotions is his intense hatred for Goblins. He is also quick to anger when anyone brings up his diminutive stature or dwarven upbringing as a negative.


Rangrim had no idea about the first few months of his life, aside from the fact that he was the sole survivor of a goblin raiding party that killed his family. He was found admist the smoking ruins of a traveling caravan by Agealfa Blackmountain, the leader of a traveling dwarven performing troupe, being cradled by the charred corpse of his mother.  With all forms of identification burnt or raided, Agealfa had no idea who the baby was or where he was from. She named him Rangrim ForestRangrim, after the Halfling name for the Eastern Carthellian Forest, where he was found.

Agealfa raised him as her own, teaching him the ways of dwarven culture and language. Her son Brungrimur came to view Rangrim as a natural brother, and was fiercely protective of him when they were younger. As he grew up going from town to town, Rangrim never took much to performing. Instead, he preferred discovering what secrets the towns held behind their walls, under their beds, and locked away in their safes. While he proved to be a natural at getting into places unseen, he wasn’t perfect at it, and frequently brought trouble upon himself and his family. As he reached adulthood, he decided to strike out from the troupe, and find his own way in the world. He inwardly hoped to someday find out more about himself, to find out where he came from and who his natural born family were.

In Episode 7, during a vision induced by Baba Gorkiya, he finally got to see his mother. He discovered that her name was Glenda, is father’s name was Bart, and that his birth-name was Willem. He also got the first lead his life as to where his family was from, and who took them away from him.


After venturing deep into Lawrenwood, Rangrim finally met his aunt, Amafrey, the mayor of Sweeney’s Knoll. She gave him some concrete details on his mother and father. Glenda was a warlock, who had made a pact in the Feywild to gain her powers. Bart Swiftfoot is a poet, who lived in the town of Green Hill. Glenda had visited Amafrey to give birth to Rangrim, and was travelling back with the newborn when her wagon was waylaid by goblins. Rangrim, seemingly still a newborn less than two weeks old, was found almost a year later by traveling dwarf merchants. He suspects that his father might still be alive.

Animal Companions

Rangrim has a riding dog named Granite. He also has a Fey Spirit companion, named Bitey. Bitey often takes the form of an eagle, but has also taken the form of a rat.