First Appearance: Episode 1

VarikassVarikass is an undead skeleton, brought back to life as a Cleric of Morad. When interacting with non-believers, Varikass presents himself as overly cheerful and positive. Though, he’s a consummate schemer, often working several schemes simultaneously with each pleasant interaction. When he’s alone with the faithful, the cheerful attitude drops away, letting his more sinister side come out. Varikass aims to deliver the word of Morad to the masses, converting as many as he can to his god’s side.


Born in Laraine, Varikass’s dad died when he was young in a tragic sheep explosion. His mom has also since passed. He has an elderly sister who is possibly 12336308_1017431038298036_1253059542_nstill alive back in Laraine. Varikass sought the cloth early on in his adulthood, becoming a prominent cleric of Solary. He, along with his Paladin partner Brother Darby, crusaded together against cultists and believers of the evil gods Morad and Flavi. However, along the way, Varikass eventually began to have doubts about his work. Eventually he defected to Morad, an act that had major reverberations across both the churches of Solary and Morad. At some point thereafter he was killed, and became known to Morad believers as “The Martyr.”

For reasons that are still unclear to Varikass, he was raised back from death. Unsure of what else to do or who had brought him back, he started to wander the countryside, going from town to town preaching the word of Morad to anyone who would listen. IMG_4159He learned to used glamours to hide his decaying flesh, which completely fell away over the next twenty years. Eventually he made his way to New Haven.

Friend to Animals

Despite worshiping the God of Death, Varikass has a strong fondness for animals. VarikassKawaiiHe takes great delight in caring for them and seems to collect them no matter where he goes.  He traveled with a squirrel, Mr. Nutbiter, who became possessed by a powerful lich named Melrock. He allows the lich-squirrel to live inside his skull, where it’s lives off of nuts and uses it’s tail to act as a makeshift mustache for Varikass.

He frequently finds himself compelled to acquire new animals, and acts quickly on such desires. Bill, the PonyHam Ham, and Mr. Peanut are animals that he picked up to adventure with. He also tamed a skeletal warhorse, who he named Carbunkle, who was magically dispelled by the villain Kalarnaleigh.