3rd Fools, 1632

The group battles a pair of Hill Giants; things go well until they don’t. After a number of attempts, the party finds the sealed Dwarven Stronghold. Rangrim and Varikass bicker, Calamity kicks in some doors, and Neristhanna grows increasingly confused. Rangrim experiences a transformation.

First Appearance of:
Mara, Githzerai Zerth

XP Awarded: 2700XP + 100 Bonus XP

28th Silvian, 1632

The group hastily leaves McKinney, heading towards East Hill, as tensions run high and moods dip low among the party. Once in East Hill, Rangrim loses a piece of himself, Calamity meets a familiar face, and Varikass gets thrown out a window.

First Appearance Of:
Umara, the Elven Unicorn
Dr. Scheppen, Gnome Doctor
Euphemia Tosscobble, Colth Acolyte and Soul Expert
Grevillea, Dwarven Florist at Absolute Flower
Brother Witter, Colth Paladin
Eldion, The Bartender

XP Awarded: 500XP

26th Silvian, 1632

The group springs the trap they have lured Kalarnaleigh into. Lady Darzi scouts out Z’s lair, discovering his true identity at a terrible cost. Neristhanna loses her temper.

First Appearance Of:
Goldpetal, Half-Elf Furrier
Nina, Halfling Owner of “The Wary Scoundrel”
Jareth, Leonine Tribe Leader
Sasha, Jareth’s Cat Mount
Duke Donald, Leader of McKinney
Pete, Murderer and Widow

25th Silvian, 1632

Neristhanna and Lady Darzi team up to capture Badger; meanwhile, the rest of the group teams up with Lord Ilphelkiir to ruin Lord Icebelt’s day. Calamity meets a familiar face.

First Appearance of:
Thrarim, Half-Elven Warlock
Creed, Tiefling Recluse
Lili Scheppen, Gnome Noble from Craleson

24 Silvan, 1632

Calamity, Varikass and Rangrim tangle with Badger, with a-mew-sing results. Neristhanna’s date with Berengoria Darzi takes a turn for the unexpected.

First Appearance of:
Maximillian, Human Supremacist.
That Guy Who Dropped His Ale and Vowed to Live a Better Life

XP Awarded: 2500 XP + 100 Bonus XP
Total XP: 25,600

23 Silvian, 1632
The group delves deeper into the sewers, discovering some of the secrets hidden behind the sewer walls. Rangrim casts a ritual, Neristhanna gets a familiar, Varikass gets even, and Calamity succeeds on an intimidation check.

Characters Introduced This Session:
Faurgar, the Carpenter
“Badger”, the Importer
Rodrick, the Nothic


XP Awarded: 1800 XP + 100 Bonus XP (Level 7!)
Total XP: 23,000

22 Silvian, 1632

The group makes more inquiries into the Carthell underground and are invited to dine with the upper-class. In order to curry favor with the nobility, they head into the labyrinthian sewers in order to recover the body of a nobleman’s recently deceased son, where they face their toughest challenge yet.

First Appearance of:
Chandler, Assassin, 3rd Rank, and Zombie
Shava Amastacia, Elven Owner of the Starflower Haberdashery
Jillian, Happy-Go-Lucky Drow Owner of Petals and Stems, Member of the Florist Network
Lord Kosdran Icebelt, Dwarf, Council Member
Lady Milla Lonecrest, Human, Council Member
Lady Sely Kolar, Human, Council Member
Lady Berengoria Darzi,  Cambion, Council Member, Lady of Whispers
Elurin, Half-Elf Bard
Stoaga, Oni Mage

21st Silvian, 1632

The group discovers that Kalarnaleigh is in the city and narrowly misses catching her. Meanwhile; Calamity meets a familiar face, Varikass is courted by a Necromancer, Rangrim completes his scroll collection, and Neristhanna looks into acquiring a familiar.

First Appearance of:
Wyna, Innkeep
Arizima Basha, Telvian Historian
Nyx Blaen, Blackmarket Dealer
Vonda Dumei, Feisty Curio Shop Owner
Meriele, Leader of the Society for Eternal Life
High Priestess Jasmine Tanle, Leader of the Morad Temple
Selise, Charlatan and Witch

XP Awarded: 1,500 XP
Total XP: 19,750


17th Silvian 1632

The group makes their way to Carthel. The group meets a powerful Devil Lord and stays in a number of hotels along the road. Calamity visits a familiar face, Rangrim makes a colorful discovery about himself, and Varikass makes a new friend.

First Appearance Of:
Antinua, Elven Banker
Chen Buckman, Farmer
Lord Miri Ilphelkiir, Rakshasha Noble
Tomes, Rose’s Tavern Minstrel
The Order of the Flaming Oxen
Billy, the Bandit Leader
Manas, Gnome Innkeep at the Beggar’s Hall
Gili, the Dwarven Innhand at the Beggar’s Hall
Muren, Dwarven Cook
Osgrin Wilwrick
Bogan Molotok, Master Dwarven Blacksmith
Enna Galanodel, Elven Hair Magician

XP Awarded: 1000 XP + 50 Bonus XP