16th Silvian 1632

Half the group wakes up with a terrible headache. The group purchases a house,  Neristhanna is tied to another crime, and Varikass buys a tiger-lily.

First Appearance of:
Meg, Tavern Owner
Garrett, Barkeep
Umbero Hahpet, Corpse


XP Awarded: 1500XP + 150 Bonus XP
Total XP: 15,650XP

11th Silvian 1632

The group head’s south to Sweeney’s Knoll, while Kalarnaleigh heads north. Rangrim finds out more about his mother, Varikass loses a companion, Calamity becomes a hero and gets a reprieve, and Neristhanna finds herself in more trouble than ever.

No new characters introduced.

XP Awarded: 1950XP + 50 Bonus XP
Total XP: 14,000XP (Level 6!)

9th Silvian 1632

The group continues to explore Kalarnaleigh’s Lair, finding hidden secrets and finally seeing Kalarnaleigh for who she really is. Rangrim finds an unexpected family connection, Neristhanna discovers a sinister plot against her, Varikass gets an elephant.

First Appearance Of:
Mr. Peanut

XP Awarded: 1250XP
Total XP: 11,950XP

6th Silvian 1632

The group heads back to Sweeney Knoll only to find the petrified villagers missing. Seeking vengeance, they go north and enter Kalarnaleigh’s Lair, unaware that their greatest challenges yet lie inside.

First (and Last) Appearance of:
Carl, the Zombie

XP Awarded: 2000XP + 50 Bonus XP
XP Total: 10700XP

1st Silvian 1632

Flush with cash, the group heads south to Sweeney’s Knoll, to find out more about Rangrim’s family, they quickly find out that they are being followed. Deep in the forest; Varikass gets startled, Neristhanna plays with fire, Rangrim is greeted with stony silence, and Calamity demonstrates some unnerving new powers.

First appearance of:
Mercer the Druid
Oda, the Unicorn

XP Awarded: 2000XP + 50 Bonus XP
XP Total: 8650XP

26th Planting 1632

The group leaves Lumberson for Lawrencar. Along the way Rangrim finds a sword, and an Owlbear finds the group. Once in Lawrencar, the group sells some Art, find themselves with an abundance of precious metals, and mingle with the locals…

First appearance of:
Ham Ham
Katherine Hardway, Captain of the Lawrencar Guard
Thurgen Stonehammer
Latruvian, Antique Seller
Dalton, a shopkeep
High Priest Malthus of Morad
Jo Ellen, town guard
Luther, head of the Halfling Grotto

XP Awarded: 750XP + 100 Bonus XP
XP Total:  6,600 (Level 5!)

25th Planting 1632

The group heads south to collect their money from the Bank of Carthell, but make a pit stop in Lumberson to send Aster back to New Haven. Unfortunately for them, Lumberson is a lot less lively than it used to be.

First Appearance Of:
Walt the Wight
Barcus, Bounty Hunter and Paladin of Colth
Carbunkle, the Skeletal Horse

XP Awarded: 1,000XP + 50 Bonus XP
XP Total: 5,750XP

23rd Planting 1632

The group develops a plan to liberate New Haven from the grip of High Inquisitor Stahn. Also: Varikass’s flock learns the joy of face painting, Calamity finds some catharsis, everyone finds out who has been pulling the strings, and the group falls into some money…

First appearance of:
Mirabelle, the Horse
Pûka, the Horse
Tanner (also his Last)
Billy, the Morad Architect

XP Awarded: 750XP + 50 Bonus XP
XP Total: 4,700XP

19th Planting 1632

The group heads to the Swamp to investigate Baba Gorkiya. Along the way they find creative uses for fish, bump into a familiar face, learn about the complexities of Lizardfolk life, and exit time and space for a little trip on mushroom stew…

First Appearance Of:
Baba Gorkiya
The Creepy Fisherman
The Lizard Queen
Rotark, the Bare-chested
Amboss and Eisen
Brother Darby
Calamity’s Parents

XP Awarded: 500XP plus 50 Bonus XP
XP Total: 3900XP