LJ: Phoenix is a Mac Client for www.livejournal.com and other Livejournal-compatible services (e.g. dreamwidth.org). Phoenix is an open source client written in REALBasic. You download Phoenix to your computer and use it (instead of a web page) to update your Livejournal, manage your Friends, or Edit your History.

Phoenix is free, so try it out, if you have any problems you can e-mail myself or drop us a post at the Phoenix Community.
Recent News
December 20, 2011 - Version 1.10.3 Released
This version fixes that nasty problem where the program stopped working with Livejournal.com
Bug Fixes:
  • Updated protocol to be compliant with Livejournal's new protocol standards, allowing Application to work.
Functionality Changes:
  • Check version and Homepage links now link to chrisfairfield.com ahead of MobileMe Sunset.
September 8, 2010 - Version 1.10.2 Released
This version fixes that nasty problem that prevented posts with international characters from posting.
Bug Fixes:
  • Edit Entry now respects authentication methods when deleting an entry
  • Contextual Menu now works.
  • Save/Don't Save Window no longer comes up twice when quitting.
  • Location Field now clears after posting when it's supposed to.
  • Posts that contain international characters no longer return an Internal Server Error.
August 18, 2010 - Version 1.10.1 Released
Note: If you're using version 1.9.6 or 1.10.0 the automatic version checker told you the newest version is 1.9.99, that is the only way I could generate a new version notification in version 1.10.0. This has been fixed for versions 1.10.1 and beyond. If you're using the Classic version of Phoenix 1.9.6, you'll want to shut automatic version checking off, as Classic is no longer being supported. (See note in previous post)

Bug Fixes:
  • Phoenix no longer goes into an infinite loop when it receives a malformed response from Livejournal
  • Phoenix now catches Internal Server Errors generated by the Livejournal Server and handles them better
  • Time/Date Field Positions when using YYYY-MM-DD or DD-MM-YYYY layout are now correct
  • Added option to toggle between automatic time and manual time/date of post without backdating.
  • July is now correctly spelled in Entry Window
  • Version Checking will now work with versions that have multiple digit version numbers
Functionality Changes:
  • Check Current Version from the Web Menu (Command-8) now Invokes the built-in version checker
  • "Entry Posted" dialog no longer invoked when successfully posting an entry.

Phoenix 1.10.3
Download (8.0mb)

System Requirements: