Operation: Santa

Operation: SANTA was a custom-built RPG I made where players played anthropomorphic reindeer commandoes and fought against an array of increasingly ridiculous holiday-themed villains. While the player facing rules mostly stayed the same over the years—the reindeer could move and attack on their turns, and rolled dice when they took hits to see if they went down—new reindeer abilities and in-game items evolved over time. We had a lot of fun with it, so I've preserved the character sheets and the log of fun quotes (dutifully recorded by Kathleen) here.

  • Operation: Santa

    Operation: S.A.N.T.A.

    Commander John Blitzen and his team of Reindeer comman-does are the best of the best. Fawned over by the public, his team has never failed a mission. Coming home from a Stag party, the team has discovered that their fat red boss has been kidnapped. Now the team must infiltrate the Castle Gnomicon, overthrow G.N.O.M.E. and rescue their holly jolly…

  • Operation: Santa

    Operation SANTA (First Playtest)

    Unfortunately, I don't have the original sheets from this first playtest. This was a test run of the system to make sure that I could run it a few days later at Winterwar. I didn't have a chance to make many changes between this and Winterwar, though I was able to give Dancer an ability that actually did something! Poor…