Operation: Santa

Deus Egg Machina (Playtest)

Santa’s Notes:

These were from a playtest I did before performing this module ‘live’ at Winterwar. I slimmed down the somewhat cumbersome rules from Year One and wanted to test the changes.

A few major changes included combining ranged and melee attacks, replacing the movement die roll with a static value, and making reindeer names their last name, so players could feel more comfortable playing their characters as any gender. The idea of the characters picking up items came about as a stroke of inspiration mid-game, as can be evidenced by the few scribbled notes in the margins of the sheets.

I also started tweaking the special abilities and specialties of each of the reindeer. Some, like Comet and Blitzen, stay fairly consistent from year-to-year; others, like Vixen and Cupid, change dramatically.

Character Sheets: