Operation: Santa

Deus Egg Machina

Event Description:

Commander John Blitzen and his team of Reindeer comman-does are the best of the best. Having defeated the white-tailed turncoat Rudolph and having saved Santa from the evil G.N.O.M.E., Blitzen and his mob decide to take some R&R in the tropics. Unfortunately their vacation is cut short when Santa is kidnapped by the diabolical Easter Bunny and taken to his secluded lair on Easter Island. Now they must liberate their lardaceous leader from the libertine lowlife and his loathsome league of lethal lagomorphs or lose their lives trying!

Santa’s Notes:

I’d come up with the idea of adding items mid-game during the 2008 Playtest, and made it a permanent part of the game starting with this version. At the time, I had a list of 20 items in a notebook and rolled a d20 to see what the characters would get. Cupid’s specialty was changed from “Flaming Longbow” to “Medic” to take advantage of the new item rules.

Other major changes included Donner transitioning from being a knife specialist to using a shotgun; and Dasher’s ability’s name changing from “Charging” to “Goring”.

Character Sheets:

Notable Quotes:

“My favorite password: violence.” JM

“I’m not supposed to have thumbs, but damn, here they are.” JM

“Damnit! This is wrong! What kind of freakish hell do I live in where reindeer and bunnies have thumbs?!?!” JM

“A haiku:                 Hassenpfeffer stew
So tough and hard to chew
Is now on the menu.”
“I think you forgot your seasonal imagery there.”
“No I didn’t. It’s rabbit season.” JM & DA

“The chandelier comes down.”
“That’s right. Take that, you hippety-hop little bastards!” CF & JM

“For simplicity’s sake, this game does not have friendly fire. It tickles like happiness.” CF

“I’ve heard of having rabbits’ feet on your keychain, but not usually quite like this.” DA

“Number 2 resists your wiles.”
“I’m feminine-ish.” CF & __

“That’s how Santa keeps us in the barn. He’s conditioned us to be ungodly afraid of doors.” JM

“Stone is flammable, yes?”
“Not as flammable as Easter bunnies.” JW & JM

“He’s not very light on his feet.”
“Yeah, I got that from the ‘grotesque’ and ‘obese’ part.” CF & JW

“Like I’m going to throw a grenade into a crowd like that.”
“I don’t know, you are the model of irresponsibility.” JM & CF

“You know, Santa does have thumbs.”
“Actually, he doesn’t. It’s just the sort of nightmare world you live in.” J & CF