Escape Room

Sword of the Dragon


Game Description

“An ancient dragon is loose and you have been sent on a quest to find the magical sword needed to defeat it. Find the sword and save the kingdom!”

Personal Experience

Back in Illinois for a wedding, I, of course, had to swing by CU Adventures and do an escape room before leaving town. They were in the process of getting moved to their new location, so this was the only escape room they had at the time that I hadn’t completed.

Despite our group having had a few beers before the room, we were able to make it through the game with time to spare!


The story was uncharacteristically light for a CU Adventures game and the decor was a little less immersive than usual. (It turned out that this room was a permanent installation of the convention game that they had taken to GenCon and other large conventions, so that made sense.)

To win the game, we needed to free the sword from the stone before the dragon returned and had to go through several fantasy-themed trials to do so. Like most CU Adventures games, there was a well-produced video guide to lead use through the adventure and provide the timer.

Puzzle Play

The puzzles were appropriately themed and well designed, though there were one or two that were a little finicky to execute. We did need to use a couple of hints, but the puzzles were fair and made sense once we were pointed in the right direction.


This was a fun room, though probably the weakest CU Adventure room that I have gone through. That said, their weakest offering is still a league better than the average escape room fair. This room was permanently shut down when they moved to their new location, but I do highly recommend their fantasy followup: The Wizard’s Curse.


Type of Game: Escape Room
Date Played: 2018-10-30
Company: CU Adventures
Team Size: 4
Outcome: Win

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