LJ: Phoenix
Current Phoenix Version: Phoenix 1.10.3
LJ:Phoenix is a program that lets you update your Livejournal (or Livejournal-based site) from the convenience of your desktop. I started development and released Phoenix in early 2001. Phoenix was initially built to satisfy demand for an updated Mac Classic version of the LJ Client, it quickly became a very popular Mac Client. It was updated actively from 2001-2006. During a hiatus period of 2007-2009 xstylus made updates to the program, releasing his 'unofficial' 1.10.0. Version 1.10.0 became official in July 2010 and development has resumed on the program.
Puppet Posse vs. Chat Roulette
I, along with my friends Rhett and Diane, formed a company in order to self-publish a board game. The company was called Roof on Fire Productions and the board game was called Burosh. We did manage to self-publish and we released our game at Gencon 2008. The game received favorable reviews from those who tried it, however it was not what one would call a 'commercial success'. Our company shut our doors for good at the end of 2009, but the game lives on. The website for the company never really did get off the ground, but there is a lot of information on the game over at Board Game Geek: Board Game Geek.
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