Creative Endeavors

Podcasts & Games
A list of the various podcasts I've created over the years. Mostly just recorded tabletop gaming sessions with rough audio.

Drunk Trek (2015-2017) — Drunk Trek was a weekly podcast where me and my co-hosts, Amanda and Matt, would get drunk and watch Star Trek. The podcast ran for 54 Episodes of varying qualities and intoxication.

Sunday Night D&D (2015-Present) — My Sunday Night D&D Group. This site is mainly a dumping ground for the session recordings, but also has some outdated world information too.

Emerald City Adventurers (2017-2019) — Two shorter D&D 5E campaigns, played around the table in Seattle.

Tales from the Loop (2018-Present) — A kids on bicycles game set in the 1980s that never were! Ben, Lydia, Mortimer, and Travis navigate the terrors of mad scientists, robots, and puberty in this delightful campaign.

Dragon of Icespire Peak (2019-Present) — A group of new and longtime players team up to face the Dragon of Icespire Peak, with often hilarious results.

Operation: SANTA (2008-2017) — Operation: SANTA was a custom-built RPG I made where players played anthropomorphic reindeer commandoes and fought against an array of increasingly ridiculous holiday-themed villains. I generally ran one session a year at Winterwar a midwestern tabletop gaming convention I attended yearly before moving to Seattle.
A collection of short videos I've made.

The Shot (2016) — A new Doctor is having a hard time coping with a difficult surgery. Made for a 48 Hour Film Festival. It was written, shot, and edited in 48 hours. A short BTS companion video was also created: Making "The Shot"

Farmball (2015) — A group of baseball loving kids make an unusual bet. Made from a script written by 5th Graders for the 2015 Pens To Lens film festival.

Chris and Matt Eat Weird Shit (2014-2015) — An eight-episode YouTube series where I, along with my co-host Matt, eat various food and beverage oddiites that we found on the internet.

Karma… (2014) — When Alex's beloved dog is murdered, she decides to get even. Made for the Art Theater Co-Op's Shocktoberfest; Art Theater patrons were encouraged to write short horror films and local filmmakers turned a few of them into films.

Two Gentlemen of Lebowski (2013) — Another short made for the Art Theater that I acted in. Taken from the excellent Shakespearization of The Big Lebowksi by Adam Bertocci.