Drunk Trek was a weekly podcast where me and my co-hosts, Amanda and Matt, would get drunk and watch Star Trek. The podcast ran for 54 Episodes of varying qualities and intoxication.
My Sunday Night D&D Group. This site is mainly a dumping ground for the session recordings, but also has some outdated world information too.
A collection of short videos I've made.

The Shot — (2016) A new Doctor is having a hard time coping with a difficult surgery. Made for a 48 Hour Film Festival. It was written, shot, and edited in 48 hours. A short BTS companion video was also created: Making "The Shot"

Farmball — (2015) A group of baseball loving kids make an unusual bet. Made from a script written by 5th Graders for the 2015 Pens To Lens film festival.

Chris and Matt Eat Weird Shit — (2014-2015) An eight-episode YouTube series where I, along with my co-host Matt, eat various food and beverage oddiites that we found on the internet.

Karma… — (2014) When Alex's beloved dog is murdered, she decides to get even. Made for the Art Theater Co-Op's Shocktoberfest; Art Theater patrons were encouraged to write short horror films and local filmmakers turned a few of them into films.

Two Gentlemen of Lebowski — (2013) Another short made for the Art Theater that I acted in. Taken from the excellent Shakespearization of The Big Lebowksi by Adam Bertocci.
LJ: Phoenix
Current Phoenix Version: Phoenix 1.10.3
LJ:Phoenix is a program that lets you update your Livejournal (or Livejournal-based site) from the convenience of your desktop. I started development and released Phoenix in early 2001 and updated it actively from 2001-2011. It's no longer in development, and is preserved here for archival purposes.